AC Turner

Welcome to Frightmare City

The latest project from creator AC Turner

"Never ride the subway. Never leave midtown Manhattan. Stay inside after dark - no matter what!"

Frightmare City is a monthly crime-horror hybrid comic from award-winning writer and filmmaker, AC Turner.

Recently, AC discovered "Welcome To Fear City", a long forgotten pamphlet distributed by the NYPD. In it, a Hooded Death's Head warned readers to "Stay away from New York" as authorities grappled with uncontrollable violence that left the city teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.

Reading the pamphlet, AC thought "what if"?

What if "Welcome To Fear City" was actually a thinly veiled warning against something more sinister than conventional crime. Something more evil. Something that even the Police themselves couldn't handle.

With this in mind, AC began crafting his own nightmarish version of New York. A city where crimes are perpetrated and punished each in their own horrible way.

Welcome to Frightmare City. Population... you.

Satisfying and gruesome! In the same vein as Creepshow and Tales from the Crypt, AC Turner brings us well-written, bone chilling tales of terror that flow from one to the next with a clear cohesiveness. Five stars for this impressively polished, binge-worthy series.

Melissa Hannon

Reviewer: Horror Geek Life

AC Turner brings brutal, beautiful bites of horror to life with this wildly imaginative new series!
Five Stars for Frightmare City!

Will Blosser

Reviewer: Home Grown Horror

I just binge read Frightmare City and wish there was more! AC Turner's vision of New York City riddled with sex, violence, and crime is so up my alley it HURTS! I definitely recommend this series for some fast and fun horror!

Cidnya Silva

Reviewer: Cidnya Reads

Frightmare City is just the right combination of entertainment - a little horror - a little humour. Intriguing stories well told with beautiful artwork. I'm blown away. Highly recommended!

Shannon Sylvia

TV Host: My Horror Story, Paranormal State

Unique stories, twists and turns, and downright creepy art, which I absolutely adore. Frightmare City is awesome - definitely check it out!

Angel Young


Awesome stuff - I'm really digging it! The writing and illustrations are amazing. I'm a big fan! Go check out Frightmare City - they've got my seal of approval.

Daryl Marston

TV Host: A&E Ghost Hunters

Frightmare City's Creative Team

Each nightmarish issue is written by AC Turner and the visuals are pencilled and inked by a rotating roster of talented artists from around the world.

AC Turner


A skills collector by nature, AC TURNER has climbed Mount Fuji, panned for gold, swum with sharks and performed random acts of kindness. He has been a glider pilot, a college lecturer and an award-winning writer and filmmaker.

After his films "Like Father", "Wing Man" and "Lure" received accolades at festivals around the world, AC turned his creative lens to other forms of storytelling including comic books, short stories and flash fiction.

Having lived in Vancouver, Toronto and Tokyo, AC now calls Halifax, Nova Scotia home.


FABIO ALVES is a talented Brazilian artist best known for his work on the comic series, "Banjax" and "Joe Umbral". Fabio is passionate about art and is a lifelong learner, always seeking knowledge and improvement.


MARCOS LIMA is a Brazilian artist inspired by the stylings of Paulo Siqueira. Previous sequential artwork includes such titles as "Phantom Squad" and "Keeper of Bones". Marcos is dedicated to becoming the most complete artist possible.

TONI DOYA - Artist

TONI DOYA hails from Malaga, Spain and has been drawing comics for nearly twenty years. He is best known for his work on "Salt City Strangers", "The Witch Hunter" and "Back to the Future".